Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Monday, September 28, 2015

"So, Her Dance Begins"

"So, Her Dance Begins"

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

     This painting was created during worship yesterday.  I began with a crazy background of acrylic which has applied with a credit card and paper towels.  It had not rhyme or reason to it.  I just hate to start a painting with a white canvas.  I love creating this way.  It gives depth and dimension that I can't create otherwise; or especially in the time frame of a worship service.  We are in three services now, so that allowed me to complete the painting.  I've been praying for a loved one for so long....Praying that she would come into salvation and healing of Jesus.  I believe she is!  She was present in the service and even recognized that this painting is her!  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cry for Souls

"Cry for Souls"
12'x12" Oil and Cold Wax

     This was a "redo" of many layers of oils and cold wax and a failed painting.  I got in "the mood" and just finger painted my heart's desire...that of seeing the whole world come to know Jesus.  I know that is the desire of my Father, also.  Sometimes...as an artist you just have to let loose and do what is inside of you!  I think that goes for living the Christian life as well.  Just let loose, and let your Father heart be exposed!  This finalized as a finger painting of oil and cold wax and I'm pretty pleased with it.  How about you?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inner Chaos

6"x6" Acrylic on Cradled Wood

     I always thought that retirement would bring solitude and lots of days sitting in the swing with my hubby.  I left the classroom of 29 years of chaos, thinking that swinging would be nice.  Can I just say that swinging now has a whole new meaning?  It's meant swinging doors, a house full of loved ones, sometimes swinging from the rafters, and a few of those dreamed about swinging times.  We've felt pain and emotional healing to be followed by love, and then more pain.  Thank God for Jesus!  I don't know how people do it without Jesus!  I keep hearing the song, "Through it all, through it all...my eyes are on you (Jesus)....Wow.  He brings joy in the morning, doesn't He?  He brings healing to the broken, and makes all things new.  I've discovered that life can really throw you some punches, but if your feet are on solid ground, you can find peace in little places among the chaos.  Eventually, it will all even out, and be okay.  What about you?  Are you in one of those storms of life?  Do you have your eyes on Jesus?  He is the only way.  
    By the way...my hubby just hung a new swing for me out in the back yard!  Those swinging days are coming!