Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Monday, September 30, 2013


Acrylic and gold leaf

     Number 30/30!  I did it!  The completion of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  Second one completed this year!  This one was really a challenge.  The hard part was figuring out what I could paint that I could be finished with, or almost finished with in one day, and to keep that pace up all month!  I honestly am glad to have completed it, and now will have fun working on things that can be more lengthly.  This piece was one done over several days.  It is another acrylic pouring on cradled wood.  The depth of colors just don't show up good with the photography.  I have many layers of pouring with metallic pigment powders in each pouring.  It's beautiful in real life.  Shipped with it's own small easel.
     I don't like watermarks!  But my artist friend, Kay Smith has recently had two of her pieces stolen and reproduced and is selling through Target!  Art theft is a disgrace!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quick Study Self Portrait

Quick Study
Mixed Media
     This is number 29/30.  I had several things going on with this piece of play.  First off, I had a sheet of Fabriano watercolor paper that I'd splashed some fall colors on several months ago.  What to do with it?  I've wanted to increase my speed in drawing portraits because it's my desire to be able to do prophetic portraits in real life by the end of the year.  I also wanted to do some experimentation with textures, so I whipped out my acrylic gel medium and spread it over the paper with my knife.  I then stamped over the gel with some stamps and let it dry.  I took a pic of myself with my photo booth, and timed myself with the drawing.  I also challenged myself by not allowing myself to have any eraseing, AND to force that issue I drew with marker.  No erasing marker!  I was satisfied with the initial line drawing, so decided to transfer it with graphite tracing paper.  I did not know that the graphite would adhere so well to the dried gel medium!  It even clung onto every place that I'd applied pressure to hold the original on, so I had lots of dark splotches all over the place.  They would not erase, so I determined to just go with it and not worry.  I proceeded with the painting phase, using water soluble wax crayons and acrylics, again timing myself.  The is a 15 minute piece, and I believe that I accomplished my goal, and learned a few things.  I don't plan to refine it, as I really just wanted to find some things out for future use.  I do love the texture created by the stamps.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Ink on Yupo

Number 28 of 30.  This one was just a playing sort of thing.  I love these inks and the more I played and the more I thought about a conversation I had today about the underwater creation, the more this began to take that form!  I think I've swam with this little creature!


"Ray of Hope"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo

     I was invited to speak at a women's conference this weekend.  I spoke on "Unshakeable Hope'.  The Lord is so good at giving us those rays of hope from time to time, as we put our hope in Him.  This is number 27 of the 30 in 30 challenge.  I'm thankful for alcohol ink and yupo, especially when I'm on the road.  I couldn't post this because the hotel wifii was so slow and I was too tired to deal with it.  Here it is, now.  I pray that you have HOPE, today.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Blues

The Blues
Alcohol Ink on Yupo
     Number 26 of 30.  Almost didn't get this one done!  It was a very emotional and busy day at the same time.  I guess I could call this one "The Blues" and it would be appropriate.  I love how the Light shows through, and the same with my life.  I got to minister to a young woman, and that made my day.


Flames of Intensity
Alcohol Ink on Yupo

     Number 25 of 30 in the 30 Day Challenge.  Things got a little "intense" around here yesterday, preventing me from painting.  My artist friend, Nathalie Kelley reminded me that when things are out of control, that God is big enough!  I needed that.  It's been so trying and for just a little, I could have gotten off center.  This painting reminds me of that intense fire than burn around us, almost consuming us at times.  But, thankfully, God is Big Enough!  Big Enough to change the course of the flames.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work in Progress

     This is Number 24 in 30 of the 30 Day Challenge.  It's another acrylic pouring.  Under the first layer of pour, is an underpainting done in water soluble wax crayons on wood panel.  The pour layer was a little more intense than planned.  I will ask Holy Spirit what to do next, because I don't know.  It's been a busy week already, with the next 8 weeks looking just as busy.  Hopefully I will get time to paint!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Untitled and Unfinished

     This is a progressive photo of an acrylic abstract that I'm working on.  It's number 23/30 in the 30 or 30 chellenge.  It's got multiple layers of "pouring", along with layers of acrylic paint, wax crayon, and gold leaf.  I had a direction that I was going, but with the last pouring it changed direction.  These are fun,  but slow. Drying is tricky and it's always a challenge.   I'm excited to see where it winds up. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Snow

"First Snow"
8x10 Acrylic on Canvas Board

     Number 22 of the 30 in 30.  This was another back to basics value lesson taken from the Art Tutor online ebook.  This was a little more fun than the first couple of lessons, I guess because of the colors added.  I had fun doing it, especially the clouds.  However, I will be doing it again!  This time I will add my own ideas, I'll correct the clouds with a little more softness, and certainly fix that non-melodious mountain, that blends into the shape of the trees.  The photo reference does the same thing.  In this one, I realized that I did what lots of artists do....copied a photo, instead of making art.  I was concentrating on following directions and not missing some basics, that I fell into the trap of what nature was doing in the photo.  Nature doesn't always know best, when it comes to a nice painting.  Well, good thing the canvas board was cheap, and I have more!  Stay turned for my version of this one a little later on.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013


The Blues
Acrylic on Canvas Board

     Number 21 of 30/30.  This was a monochromatic value study done from an online art tutor ebook.  It never hurts to get back to basics, but it is very hard for me to do step by step things like this.  If it's not the subject matter that I'm interested in, it is like pulling teeth for me.  I guess sometimes I need a few pulled.  It was a good exercise and I value the value study tutorial.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Daddy

"Big Daddy"
Watercolor on Arches 140# paper

     Number 20 of 30 in 30 challenge.  This was a quick study that I did using mostly negative painting and watercolors.  I ran into a nice free lesson on painting negatively.  I've lost the link but will repost this with proper credits when I find it.  It's good to work loosely and let the colors play.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unspeakable Joy

"Unspeakable Joy"
Water Soluble Wax Crayons on Mylar

     This is number 19 of 30 in 30.  I painted this today, in a Spirit Led Worship Session with fellow artists around the globe, online, and live.  It was fun, and the 2nd experience in doing it together like this.  The mylar has a mind of it's own, so I was kind of limited to light blending.  The Lord showed me several things while in this worship/painting experience.  What do you see?  What does she say to you?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Going Bananas

"Going Bananas"
9"x11" Watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Pressed Paper

     This is my #18 of the 30 in 30 challenge.  It's amazing what you can get done when you press yourself.  I'm calling this finished, and calling it good.  I love it, actually.  The colors are fun, and the piece was fun to do.  It makes me wish for a forest or something...to take some pictures of.  Pine trees might look good pink.  Lots of things look good pink, including my hubby in a pink shirt.  :)  You can read the blog in the previous post if you are interested in the history of the photo reference.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going Bananas

"Going Bananas"
Watercolor on Arches 140# paper

     This is number 17 of the 30 in 30 challenge.  It's almost finished.  Tonight, I was so tired and I hadn't yet painted today.  I determined to no bust the challenge.  So I took my little puppy out with me, to sleep at my feet and I began to paint.  I remembered Uganda, where I took the photo of this banana plantation.  Of coarse, I had to artsify the colors, but it was beautiful in natural colors.  So were the people that hosted us that morning for breakfast.  This was the place where the pastor's wife had been raised.  Can you imagine looking out your front door at this beautiful sight?  How about it it were a very primitive door?  Would it look the same to you?  How about if it were only a hut made of banana leaves?  Would it look the same to you?  The beauty of the Ugandan people is as beautiful and colorful as this painting.  They amaze me.  I learn so much from them each trip that I go.  It kind of puts things into perspective for me.  What's really important?  What do you see out your window?  Are you thankful?  Could you survive without it?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Atmosphere #1

"Atmosphere #1"
6"x6" Water soluble wax crayons on wood panel.

     This is my #16 of the 30 in 30 Challenge.  I painted this one today, while visiting with an artist friend, Suzan Hughes Kennedy.  I used the Caran de Arche water soluble wax crayons, exclusively.  I used a photo reference for the sunset clouds, and changed the desert foreground into an ocean.  I swear, I've seen this very scene at "Red Bay", St. Maartin.  I enjoyed this painting and visiting session.  I enjoyed painting with this medium and discovering some of the qualities of it.  It's kind of like working on Yupo, in that if you go over it twice with the brush, it removes the layer of paint instead of adding it.  I'm doing another, but this time I will do a "pouring" on the top and go from there.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Going Bananas in the Primary Stages

"Going Bananas"
Primary Stages
Watercolor on paper
9x11 "

     Well, this isn number 15 in 30.  I thought I would give up detail work....then I find myself back at it; inspired by a photo I took in Uganda, Africa of a Banana plantation right in the back yard of dear friends.  I decided instead of doing it in traditional colors, I would bend the rules again and do it in something a little more wild.  It will take a few days to complete this one.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cali Cat

"Cali Cat"
9x11" on 140 # Fabriano Paper
Not For Sale

     # 14 of the 30 in 30 Challenge.  This is my mom's cat.  She's been around for awhile.  I'm definitely not a cat person.  I like dogs much better.  However, Cali is a pretty good cat.  She stays out of sight most of the time, especially when strangers are around.  She's decided that I'm not quite a stranger.  She doesn't make herself well known, but did come out long enough to rub up against my leg and let me get a few reference photos.  She brings my parents much joy, and for that I'm glad.  I've never painted a cat before now, and really didn't have much of an idea of how to attack it.  All, in all, I'm pretty pleased.  I have a feeling this will be framed and on a wall. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Best Friends Reworked

"Best Friends"
9x11 Watercolor on Paper

     #13 of the 30 Day Challenge.  Sometimes fresh eyes make a difference in your finished piece.  I'm one of those people that must meet a deadline if there is one.  As a teacher, it drove me nuts if the kids were not in there chair and ready to go "as" the tardy bell rang.  Maybe I'm driven too much by the clock.  If something is supposed to start at a certain time, then it must start at that time.  I detest wasting time.  Well, last night in the 11:00 hour, I was trying to finish this painting, because it's supposed to be 30 paintings in 30 days, right?  And, I'd already spent two days on this one!  That's breaking the rules in my mind.  I consoled myself with the concept of "painting every day"...which I have been.  Still, it bothered me.  So, tired and ready to be done already, I called it good.  My husband awoke to see it, and he indicated that I'd made him with a "bird nose".  I saw immediately what he was talking about.  So, today I broke the rules again.  I reworked it, and added a Quin. Burnt Orange wash on the skin tones which I think gave it a nice sunny glow and more true to his skin color.  I tweaked a few other things and now I am calling it good.  I also recall a saying that I like:  "In art there are no rules".  I guess there are some, but you need to know which ones to break.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best Friends

"Best Friends"
Watercolor on Fabriano 140# Paper

     Number 12 of the 30 in 30 Challenge took me a couple of days to complete.  I took the photo of my hubby and his new puppy just the other morning as I was leaving for work.  I just glanced down behind the house to see this, and immediately knew it would make a great painting.  Paul usually doesn't like it when I paint him, but maybe this will be different.  I just wonder, which is his best friend?  The rifle or the dog?  The old saying goes that a dog is man's best friend, but give this man a gun and dove season and I might beg to differ.  Of coarse if I were to "ask" him, he'd better say that I'm his best friend!  I did have fun doing this one.  Watercolor is the medium that I enjoy doing detail work with.  A couple of days of this concentration, will undoubtedly throw me into a cycle of loose, fun, creative abstracts.  There  has to be a balance for me.  Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


5"x7" Alcohol Ink on Yupo
Not for Sale

     This is number 10 of the 30 in 30 Challenge.  I spent the day working today, and ended the day in Snyder, Tx at a Rodan+Fields Event with my team.  I came home thinking about how great everyone is doing, and how much of a future we all have, to change the lives of our families.  I thought about the road we are on, together.  I thought about the bright future we have together.  I thought about the way I instruct my flight students; to let the booboos behind us be behind us and to always gear up and look forward so that we don't botch what is right in front of us.  I thought about climbing Mt. Everest.  I thought about the relationships that we've made in this business, and how deep they are.  I thought about the woman on my team that kissed me on my cheek and told me she loved me, even though I haven't known her long.  I thought about the product and how great it is.  I thought about the business and how great it is.  I thought about me.  Just little old me.  And I thought about Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and how without HIM just little old me can't do a thing.  I had to create this art piece to signify all of that.  I added the 3 prominent spots to represent the Trinity, and the teeny little tiny one to represent me.  The rest tells the story.  May God Bless us in our business, and may the increase be as significant as the increases in relationships grow.  Amen.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Acrylic on Wood Panel

     Number 9 of the 30 in 30 Challenge.  This one was a hurry up and get done job.  It was a busy day, and kind of had to just check this off of my list.  Used the limited palette again, simply because I had it left over on my palette.  Good thing.  Good thing also, that I had little grandsons prepare panels for me a few days ago.  I'm not sure...but seems like I see a "portal", and perhaps some glory pouring out.  And I also notice some of those "orbs"....hummmm.  Didn't do that intentionally, but seems they are there.  I love the deep and rich colors of "Nova".  I could really do a plug for Nova.  Next time I order, I'll do the large bottles.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Going Out on a Limb

"Going Out on a Limb"
Acrylic on Canvas

     This is number 8 on the 30 in 30 Day Challenge.  I painted this during worship today, at Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Sweetwater, TX.  I had no ideas when I stepped up to paint.  It was one of those times when I felt like I was going out on a limb.  I had a slight bit of an intuition for colors just as I started, and went from there.  It was really fun, because there was no striving at all.  I just stepped out, and did what I felt the urge to do, as I worshiped the King of Glory.  I decided to use only 3 colors, and this limited palette was very freeing.  I'm happy to say, that it has sold, pending the varnish coat!  I had several people come up to me, saying that it had really spoken to them.  God is good!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pouring Down

"Pouring Down"
Acrylic on Wood Panel

     This is #7 of the 30 Day Challenge.  It's not my typical thing to paint.  I don't even really enjoy painting landscapes.  I force myself once in a while, just for grins.  I painted this one while talking to a dear friend on the phone last night.  It was a great way to do two things at once.  I believe the Lord has been speaking to me about "portals" lately.  I sure have it on my mind a lot.  Seems this one includes a portal also.  I say, let it rain, Lord, let it rain.  I do find myself painting some sort of supernatural raining thing quite often.  Although some will see natural rain in this, I see the supernatural rain.  The one that makes the dry cracky parts of our hearts all fresh and new; tenderized by His Holy Spirit living water rain.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Glory Rain

"Glory Rain"
Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Cradled Wood

     This is number 6 of the Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge.  I obviously didn't start and finish it in a day.  It is layered with acrylic paint, acrylic skin collages, gold leaf, and many layers of acrylic pouring with metallic powders.  I believe it is one of the nicest pieces that I've ever done.  The depth is unbelievable. Each day would bring a new layer combined with a new pouring layer.  Drying it is an art in itself.  If the temperature is not right, it will craze and not dry evenly.  This one is just exactly right.  The high glassy gloss finish is a plus.  I love the abstract impressionist feel of this.  I can almost envision the heavens opening and Glory just raining down on us!  The atmosphere is filled with gold dust, like I've heard of occurring in some worship services.  Come, Lord!  Rain your Glory down on us, now as never before!  Amen.http://lillianjaneneal.weebly.com/glory-rain.html

Thursday, September 5, 2013


20"x24" Caran D' Arche on Mylar

     I got the invitation late yesterday, to join a group of prophetic artists for a live session of worship art!  I was thrilled to get the chance to do this.  I knew it would be something new for me, and since I love to experiment, I was more than willing.  My mac book is sick and in the shop, so I had to resort to my old dinosaur to get hooked up and streaming.  Sure am glad for dinosaurs.  I was able to connect in this google hangout.  
     Each of us worshiped in our own studios, live all at the same time.  You could turn around, and see all the artists busy worshiping and making creativity happen!  It was fun!  I tried a new thing (imagine that), and used mylar sheets covered with gesso.  I've never tried that before, and found that it was really a fun surface to work on.  I used the caran's which simplified things.  As sometimes before, I get a mental picture of the portals of heaven opening with my praise.  I saw them open, and then the glory started pouring back down through the portals!
     I believe this is supported in scripture.  Thank you, Lord!  I love and appreciate the pictures that you give me....each and every one.  Thank you also for this amazing opportunity and way of connecting with fellow artists across the country.  May more doors open for more opportunities.  Amen.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peace Be Still

"Peace Be Still"
Acrylic on Cradled Wood

     This was definitely more than a day in the making, but the last layer was applied in a day.  This is my number 4 of the Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge.  I wish the photo would do it justice. The top photo shows the details in a closer up view.   I used collage layers and layers of acrylic skins on top of under paintings. That was followed with acrylic pourings which contained shimmering powdered pigments, followed by gold leaf, and more layers of pouring.  The depth and color translucency is really beautiful.  Mark 4:35-41 tells us that Jesus calms the storm.  There have been many storms in my life, in which I thought I was going to be overtaken.  Some of them almost did take me out.That was when I knew "of" Jesus.  Now that I "know" Him, I've learned that he will either calm the storm for me, or sometimes calm me in the storm.  The past couple of years have been one of those storms in which he has calmed me.  I've felt like that golden piece in this painting...right there in the middle of it; yet not overtaken, and even in peace through most of it.  In that peace, I can minister to the rest of my family.  It's only because of Jesus.  My question for you today is, do you know of Him?  Or do you know Him?  Does he know you?  Is that storm about to take you out?  Let Him calm it for you!  Amen.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just a Man

"Just a Man"
Watercolor on Italia 140# paper

     This is Day 3 of the Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge.  I didn't have a lot of time and didn't have much of an urge to paint due to three other projects in different stages.  So, I began flipping through a magazine remembering the fun that I had in a dental office in Cozumel...painting the time away.  So, like in Cozumel, I chose a photo of a person that got my attention.  This time I chose a man.  I grabbed my watercolor block that I had previously thrown some color on and began to draw.  The painting was fun, using the same colors as I had used on the wash.  This time I chose Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors, and boy do the colors pop!  This photo does not do it justice.  The colors are so deep and rich.  As I was painting, I began to think of the fact that I was doing a portrait of "just a man".  It reminded me of "just the Man" that died for me.  The One that Redeemed me from the pit.  The One that gave me real life for now and eternity. His name is Jesus.   He was "just a man" to many and still is.  But to me, He is far more than "just a man".  I'm sure that if we all listen, God speaks to us in our own language.  For me, art is the language that he uses so many times.  I pray that you can hear His voice today, in the language that you understand.  Amen.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Coat of Many Colors

"Coat of Many Colors"
11x14" Watercolor on Yupo

     This is one of those survival paintings; an attempt at adding color to an  emotional day.  I did this same painting in more true colors previously.  This is our own homegrown rooster.  I think he's quite playful all decked out in his colors.  I'm sure enjoying Yupo and learning better all along as to how to use it.  It definitely has a mind of it's own! I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

His Love

"His Love"
22x28 Alcohol Ink on Yupo

     This one was such a joy to paint.  It started out with a few days of travel and no time to think.  That was followed by a house full of little grandsons with all the joy that comes with it.  As I entered the doors of the sanctuary this morning, I felt a certain amount of peace.  The peace that "knows" that something will happen as worship begins.  A friend came up and asked me if I had a direction for the painting, and I just had to say, "no, but something would come".  It did.  Jesus came.  There was a time during my worship that my hands shook so bad that I could barely get the eye dropper into the alcohol.  I determined to use that to my advantage.  As tall as the mountains are, as low as the valley's are, His love is mine.  This one sold immediately.