Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alice Jo in progress

Got the eyes and lips in for initial washes.  Anxious to decide on the background.  Once I do the initial wash on that, I will be able to tell more about the other.  So far, I'm liking the way the newspaper is bleeding through to provide some shadow and depth.  Still don't know about the baton.  I think I will continue with it, and at the end, if it doesn't look right, I'll paint over it.  I love doing these.  This one is 22"x20" on canvas.  Very mixed media.

His Love

"His Love"
Acrylic on Canvas

     I painted this during worship today.  It was so much fun.  Several people came up to me and explained that from their seat in the sanctuary, they could see the face of Jesus.  It was very interesting, because, when I sat down, I could see a definite face.  It's odd because each person sees it in a different place.  And, up close it doesn't appear at all.  That's one thing that I love about this kind of art.  This painting SOLD before I could get it off the easel, and for a DOUBLE portion.  Yay!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alice Jo in progress

     I've gotten the first layer of handmade collage papers down, and the initial wash of gauche for the skin tones.  Trying to decide whether the baton is going to be a distraction.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Alice

     This is what's on my easel for the moment.  I'm doing a mixed media portrait of my beautiful cousin, Alice Jo.  I've chosen to do this one 22x30 on canvas, which is new for me with this technique.  I've made my own collage papers with my Gelli printing plate, which is way too addicting.  I've also applied some heavy gel with some stenciling to get some great lacy looking textures on the hat.  Can't wait to get one well under way.  Stay tuned for the progress.

Living Water

"Living Water"
Oil on Canvas

I painted this during a worship service, and just as I began to work with oils. I love, love, love looking at it and thinking about staying in the river of Living Water. I didn't plan this painting, and never thought of the double water fall until just now. Now, I see it as a Double Portion. I like that!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alice Jo

"Alice Jo"
Watercolor on 140# Arches Paper

     As you know, this was the second version of this beautiful woman, done in watercolor.  After experiencing much frustration with a new paper that just absorbed the color and would not move, I went back to my favorite, Arches, 140#.  This was pure joy.  As I painted I reflected on so many good times as we grew up together.  I thought about the summer swims, the times together at the ranch, all the many, many hours of laughter that we had!  There is one thing about this girl:  she has an ability to see the funny in any situation and keeps you in stitches all the time.  I also look back at the gaping holes in the years that we were disconnected for reason of life happening all around us.  I am thrilled to be connected again, and thrilled that she's my cousin!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alice Jo

Alice Jo
Watercolor on 140# Cartiera Magnani Italia paper
I'm calling it good, and beginning round 2 on Arches paper.  I seriously do not like this paper.  However, my family loves this portrait of my cousin, Alice Jo.  The one thing that I do like, is that I gave up early trying to make it look right, due to the paper problems.  And, took to just having fun and being free.  It's interesting to see, that you don't always have to strive to make it look good.

Friday, March 8, 2013

work in progress

My Cousin, Alice.  This is in progress, using a new watercolor paper from Italia.  I personally don't like it at all.  Once the paint hits it, it won't move, blend, or soften.  I have resorted to pens in order to try to salvage it.  I will finish it, using different methods, and it will be fun to play.  However, I will redo this on some Arches paper knowing that it will turn out like I want it to.  I think this paper is good for collaging, or multi media or something other than straight up traditional watercolor techniques.