Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Watercolor on paper

Lord, thank you for your continual provision of finances to go and preach your Gospel to the people of Uganda. Thank you for keeping your little children under your wing...the ones that lost parents to aids and other diseases. Thank you, Father that they hear your voice, and seek you, even at their young age. Thank you, Father that even he young ones have the wisdom of a parent as they tenderly care for their younger siblings. Thank you, Lord for protection and provision, and for their eager hearts to sit for hours and hours in your presence, just to hear your words. Bless them, Lord...the ones that walk for miles with no shoes...lay on banana matts overnight, with nothing to eat...awaiting the Good News! Bless Uganda, Lord. Bless Uganda. Lord, I pray for America to wake up! I pray for America to have the heart of the people of Uganda...to seek you, and love you, Lord. May America be hungry for your word! May American wake up! Amen.

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