Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Earth as it is in Heaven

This was painted during worship at Emmanuel Fellowship during the first service, this past Sunday morning. I used a FULL sheet of YUPO (which was a challenge), along with alcohol inks and NO brushes. It was really fun.  I kept thinking about "Heaven On Earth", as I worshiped through the painting process. I learned so many things while doing this.

  I just returned from a mission trip in Uganda, Africa where we did street crusades, and ministered in churches.  The travel was difficult, and conditions were hard in areas.  I learned that I'll survive even though I "pee" in my shoes multiple times on accident, discover stickery, prickly  leaves as toilet paper, have to use my just rinsed undies for a wash cloth in my cold shower, live on mostly potatoes, rice, and yummy chapati bread, and have a whole new appreciation for baby wipes.  I discovered a new level of compassion and love for these people as I saw their heart for survival and for the Lord.  I saw such a willingness and honor in them when they were willing to give up their banana matt for someone else to sleep on, and saw several thousand people in the refugee camp with no place to go, living like animals.  Yet, the joy in their eyes told me that even in their desperate condition there is "HOPE".  I was reminded of the dream that the Lord gave me two years ago, in which I was in a refugee camp in Africa speaking to mostly women, giving them "HOPE".  Although I didn't get to minister or speak, I did get to hug, squeeze, and smile.  And now, I get to pray for the HOPE of their glory to come.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Come.  On earth as it is in heaven....in that camp.  Come, Lord.  

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