Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm the Happiest Girl in the whole USA!

Miracles Still Happen!
     May I present to you, my youngest son, his beautiful wife, and my one and only granddaughter, Natalie Ann.  God is a God of HOPE, a God of Blessing, a God of Promise, and a God of Answers.  We prayed, and believed for the return of my son for many years.  It seemed hopeless, but when your put your hope in the Lord, Jesus nothing is impossible!  Not only did my son find Jesus, but found a godly wife and came home to share their beautiful gift from the Lord...Natalie!  My heart runs over with tears of joy, tears of thankfulness, and another level of faith.  I'm so thankful for new beginnings, and so thankful for the man that my son has grown into.  Words cannot express my joy!  We really have experienced a true miracle.  Finally, healing has come.  Suddenly, our prayers were answered.  Do you need a suddenly?  It can happen!  Put your hope in the Lord.  He is the one that turns things around.  

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