Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Friday, October 24, 2014


Number1 Sketch

Number 3 First attempt/ oil
Number 2 Inked

Number 4 Attempt/Oil

Number 5 Oil

Almost Finished!  Oil on Canvas

     I am being mentored by Pattie Ann Hale for another 3 months.  She's an amazing worship artist, whom I met and took a couple of classes from at the Gathering of the Artisan's in NC a couple of years ago.  She's assigned weekly assignments and this one has by far been the most difficult for me, but has truly been such a great learning experience. 

   My main quest over the last year has been to figure out who I am as an artist, and what my personal style is.  Her instruction has been on the spiritual side as it relates to art,  always relying on Holy Spirit to guide, and reveal.  This assignment started with an early morning doodle, which is number 1.  After analyzing it, she asked me to seek the Lord to reveal the meaning behind it.  It took me all week because I just wasn't getting anything.  Not until the very moment that I pulled out my colored inks to add a little color to it!  Then, I heard clearly!  (I'll keep that person message to myself, at least for now).  

   The next step was to try to create the "essence" with paint.  I had a very busy week, with very little painting time, so I  pulled out an old canvas to see if I could figure out what to do.  (At that time, I really wasn't terribly excited about the project).  I realized after  about 4 hours of painting that the previously applied texture on the canvas was not going to work for me.  This was only days before the project was due!  The night before it was due, I gave up the large old canvas and decided to meet the deadline, I would just do it small.  I'd run all over the place, given flight instruction and a million other things.  It was late and I was tired. I didn't have the brushes I needed and was just a little frustrated. That's Number 4.  

   When Pattie saw it, she asked me if I was frustrated or what emotion was having when I painted it.  She then gave me some pointers on getting in the Spirit rather than just painting.  My assignment for this week was to try to fix it...to go back into the emotion, back into the Spirit, and paint the ESSENCE.    I believe that I have!  I was at such peace when I began this last version, and my sweet hubby sat in the studio with me the whole evening, talking and giving me that much needed quality time.  I had some soft music going, and throughly enjoyed the process!  I have really learned a lesson!  I never ever, realized how much emotion really plays out in a painting, until now! 

  No wonder some paintings done during worship turn out so amazing!  No wonder just painting a pretty picture during worship doesn't carry the anointing!  I think I'm learning!  I might not be finished.  Time will tell.  Or, Pattie will!  Have you ever thought about the emotion going through the artist that painted the picture, or just the emotion that runs through you as you look at it?

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