Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

"A Mother's Blessing"

"A Mother's Blessing"
8x10" Oil

I know there are so many of you out there that have lost your mother, and need inner healing.  I found this blessing on this website:

I pray that you can take it in and receive into your spirit, the Spirit of Truth and Blessing.

 My dear child… I know that the Scriptures command you to honor me; and I want you to know that you will honor me best by becoming and being all the Lord intends you to be. I ask the Lord to richly bless you. 
 I ask the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of His Cross and Blood to set you free now from any harsh or cruel words that I said... especially the ones you keep remembering over and over...I am so sorry.
 I ask the Lord to set you free from heart injuries you sustained from me or from others in whose care I placed you in. I ask the Holy Spirit to set you free from: heartache, disappointments, dreads, grief, or rage you cannot resolve. 
 And I’m so sorry for any other struggles I may have caused you... May you be healed from being ignored by me...or smothered by me. 
 If I ever made you feel less than or not good enough…I am deeply sorry and ask you to please forgive me. May the Lord set you free from working so hard to please me when nothing ever would. May the Lord set you free from trying to get from me what I never had to give you...I’m so sorry.
 May the Lord set you free from blaming me for failing you...not because I need that, but so you can be free to grow;… to receive;…and to achieve;… to be creative in ways you have not yet imagined... 
 May the Lord give you all the things I was unable or unwilling to give you.
May the Lord guide you in ways I never could and grant you peace. 
 May the Lord free you from any of my grief, fear, terror, anger, dread, and expectations you are still trying to live up to. 
 May the Lord free you from feeling that you have to always be perfect.
 I pray that God will help you to see that the hurt and pain I caused you came from my own childhood. It limited me, and I am so sorry if it has limited you.
 I pray that God will remove from you any belief that you were not wanted… or loved.
 I pray that you have no doubt that you are the gender you are supposed to be.
 Please forgive me for not nurturing you. I pray that the Lord will release you from any unhealthy bond that you may have with me… I want you to keep all of the good that came from me, and give the rest to God. 
 My precious one…I love you. I am so proud of you. I am so glad you were born.
 Be released now to be the person that God created you to be. Be free…my love…and live!

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