Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free to Be Me

"Free to Be Me"
20"x16" Original Oil on Stretched Canvas

     Sometimes as an artist and probably in other areas of life as well, we tend to try to fit ourselves into a mold; one that we think we should fit into rather than the one that God made for us.  The other night, I was in a painting mood but had nothing in mind to paint.  I had nothing started so nothing to finish.  But I knew that I had to paint.  I took a canvas and squished out my favorite oil colors and began.  I just began to paint. I love painting dancers as I imagine myself dancing before the Lord.  I didn't grow up dancing like many other girls, and my body isn't quite the ballerina type.  But sometimes, in my studio, all alone I dance.  I've studied many photos of beautiful dancers and some are buried into my mind.  They are so free!  That's me, sometimes late at night in my studio.  Free.

     I've been invited to feature my work in the http://www.theworshipstudio.org.  I think I'll start with this painting.  What do you think?

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