Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Journaling with God

I spent a good part of the day organizing my messes and then, making more messes.  I jumped into the fun of using my brand new "gelli" to make stamped papers of all sorts of designs and colors for later on collages.  I was a bit tired, but not wanting to give up my solitude in my studio.  It's not often that I have any solitude, and I cherish every moment.  I wanted to do something, but lacked energy for creativity.  So, I sat down and just began to  draw, sort of unconsciously.  I wasn't concentrating on the drawing, just listening to a you tube video, in between yawns and looking at my watch.  Is it bed time yet?  It might be.  It could be.  I began to think about the journaling that my new found friend, Patti Hale does.  So, I just began.  Drawing without thinking, coloring, and relaxing.  Then, I began to ask the Lord what he is telling me through this piece.  It's quite interesting, because I believe there is definitely a trail...perhaps the trail of my life.  There have been times that I've been squeezed and times that have been broad and peaceful, but always colorful.  I've always thought that Life is like a smorgasboard with so much to offer.  I began to notice the shapes on the right, and thr groupings of the shapes.  I see that there are 8 squares that are distinctly set apart by a green leaf.  When I look up the symbolism of the number 8, I see that it represents a new beginning.  Interestingly, I just recently retired from teaching and have started a new journey as pastor of Supernatural Ministries at my church.  3 of coarse represents the Godhead, which is exactly what I have spent alot of time talking about lately.  The black horizontal lines remind me that God was, is, and will be".  The small 5 circles, remind me of the 5 fold ministry, also again something that I have thought alot about lately.  I see that there is fruit bearing from the 5 fold, as well as from the 4 waves.  That tells me that we must bear fruit in all seasons.  When we are connected with God, and hear and obey Holy Spirit, there will be plenty of fruit.  This was fun.  I think I'll try it again sometime.

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