Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be Mine

"Be Mine"
Worship Art
Acrylic on Canvas 22"x30"

"Be Mine", Acrylic on Canvas Painted during Worship today. This was such a fun experience. I have had a very busy week, and was a little apprehensive going into the morning without much inspiration. Last night as I prepared my canvas with the help of 3 grandsons, I decided to just put some modeling paste on it for some texture. As I explained what texture was, and kept little fingers out of the wet goo, I kept saying, " I don't know what I'll paint, but the Lord will come through". The boys couldn't quite grasp that idea, and I must say it wasn't long ago that I couldn't either. So, as the worship team practiced and I stood before that barren white, well textured canvas I prayed. I searched for an idea. About all the idea I had was that I like RED. So, that was it. I decided to start with red. So I squirted out 3-4 shades of red, along with white and some browns. Then it was time to just rest and wait. Wait for something....Worship started, and I prayed again..."Lord, which brush should I start with?" "Oh, that one. The one thats not really a brush. The one I have not used before. That one looks good." Then, I began. You have to begin somewhere. Otherwise, worship will be over and you'll still have a blank canvas. Well, that funny non-brush was a little wider than expected and happened to grab a bit of old paint (left on the pallet), and when it mixed with the white paint, and another color it was a serendipity.
On and on, I went enjoying the presence of the Lord, asking Him what to do next, and loving the colors. I flipped the canvas the other way, and noticed some things! Thank you, Lord! I began to see...then, I "heard", "Be Mine", just Be Mine".

I don't know if it's finished or not. I know I could work and work and make it look really polished. But, I may rather leave it be and remember the moment my hands were shaking from hearing the voice of the Lord, and had a very hard time lettering because of it. Maybe I'll leave it as a symbol of how beautiful imperfection is to the Lord, and how he can work through us. Maybe I'll leave it just to show that I don't have to use RED. And maybe I'll leave it, because when you flip it back right side up, like I started painting it, there is yet ANOTHER FACE! This one that appears to be like a person in distress, and like the face of a lion. Isn't that amazing? The Lion of Judah rescues the one in distress, if we just call out to Him. I will post a close up of the 2nd face in the next post.

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