Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Serenity's Trail

"Serenity's Trail"
24"x36" Oil and Mixed Media

Whether it's lilac fields in France, poppies in Fredericksburg, tulips in Holland, or bluebonnets and daisy's in Sweetwater, Texas, this spring has been amazing.  I've walked this little half mile circle behind our house many times.  Never before have I witnessed the brushstrokes of God as I have this year!  We have been favored with beautiful rains, and the colors have come in wave after wave.  I love the early morning skies of West Texas. I couldn't help but sing to the Lord with such a thankful heart.  Sometimes, getting out into nature, God's handiwork does it's therapy on a weary soul. The peace and assurance sure does a body good.  Up to the left of this painting would be "the hill".  That's the one that my sweet husband travels in the mornings for his time with God.  One can see why.  I wish I would have painted that hill.  I guess that's an excuse for another painting.  I would appreciate your comments on this painti

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