Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunshine and Dreams

"Sunshine and Dreams"
Oil on Archival Panel

     This painting was started on the last day of the Nancy Medina workshop.  We only had a few hours in the afternoon to paint, and the challenge was to paint a still life (from fresh flowers) with a clear vase.  The previous days were spent painting just a single flower, so this was a real challenge for me.  I carefully selected the flowers and arranged them, while contemplating whether or not I thought I could "do it".  Nancy sped through, kept pushing us to complete the steps in lightening speed.  I remember breaking out in a sweat a few times, in panic mode.  Finally, I had to just let intuition kick in and just "go for it".  I didn't complete it that day, rather got about 70% finished.  I brought it home and looked at it for a few days, wondering what to do.  Late one night, I decided to just "go for it" again.  I'm more than pleased!  My flowers are rich and my vase sparked with water!  I had to title it Sunshine and Dreams because of coarse the flowers name themselves and the dreamy feeling that it gives me causes me to anxiously await summer.  Can you think of a better title?  

     This one won't be going to Deep Creek Art Festival tomorrow.  It's not dry enough to varnish, but is up for grabs.  Follow the link above for buying information.  

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