Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Hill

"The Hill"
6"x6" Acrylic Pouring on Wooden Panel

     For almost every single morning for the past 6-7 years my husband has walked up on the hill that is not far from our house.  This hill is the highest point on our property and you can see for miles all around.  He goes up there for a purpose; for prayer and worship of God.  He first started going up there to be alone with the Lord. As I left out one early morning, I looked back and I could see his silhouette against the early morning light.  My heart was humbled and so proud to be married to this amazing man.   He started a little tradition of picking up rocks and depositing them in the ruts of the road leading up to this hill top.  As he would pitch the rocks in the road, he would say a prayer for someone.  
     Today, if you go up to this holy place, you will immediately notice a rounded out spot that has no grass, because those faithful feet have been planted there for so many hours. You might also feel as if you are in a secret hiding place.   You'll  notice that the road can now be traveled easier because the ruts are full!  One can not imagine how many prayers are marked by these rocks.  If anyone has ever asked him to pray for someone or some situation, their name is under a rock.  It's a very humbling experience, walking up that road.  Many times it brings tears to my eyes as I think about all the prayers that went up in my behalf, in order that my youngest son be brought back home for reconciliation.  Still, rocks and prayers go in daily for those other ones that we love and that need breakthrough in their lives, along with all the other requests that we have.  Sometimes I think that a handful of people have a whole rut full of rocks because that man is faithful to continue to pray for them.  That's why I call him "Faithful Feet".  

With this being our National Day of Prayer, I pray that many other Faithful Feet find their secret place to pray for our nation...the one that is under ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD.

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