Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Best Friends Reworked

"Best Friends"
9x11 Watercolor on Paper

     #13 of the 30 Day Challenge.  Sometimes fresh eyes make a difference in your finished piece.  I'm one of those people that must meet a deadline if there is one.  As a teacher, it drove me nuts if the kids were not in there chair and ready to go "as" the tardy bell rang.  Maybe I'm driven too much by the clock.  If something is supposed to start at a certain time, then it must start at that time.  I detest wasting time.  Well, last night in the 11:00 hour, I was trying to finish this painting, because it's supposed to be 30 paintings in 30 days, right?  And, I'd already spent two days on this one!  That's breaking the rules in my mind.  I consoled myself with the concept of "painting every day"...which I have been.  Still, it bothered me.  So, tired and ready to be done already, I called it good.  My husband awoke to see it, and he indicated that I'd made him with a "bird nose".  I saw immediately what he was talking about.  So, today I broke the rules again.  I reworked it, and added a Quin. Burnt Orange wash on the skin tones which I think gave it a nice sunny glow and more true to his skin color.  I tweaked a few other things and now I am calling it good.  I also recall a saying that I like:  "In art there are no rules".  I guess there are some, but you need to know which ones to break.  

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