Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best Friends

"Best Friends"
Watercolor on Fabriano 140# Paper

     Number 12 of the 30 in 30 Challenge took me a couple of days to complete.  I took the photo of my hubby and his new puppy just the other morning as I was leaving for work.  I just glanced down behind the house to see this, and immediately knew it would make a great painting.  Paul usually doesn't like it when I paint him, but maybe this will be different.  I just wonder, which is his best friend?  The rifle or the dog?  The old saying goes that a dog is man's best friend, but give this man a gun and dove season and I might beg to differ.  Of coarse if I were to "ask" him, he'd better say that I'm his best friend!  I did have fun doing this one.  Watercolor is the medium that I enjoy doing detail work with.  A couple of days of this concentration, will undoubtedly throw me into a cycle of loose, fun, creative abstracts.  There  has to be a balance for me.  Hope you enjoy it.

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