Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just a Man

"Just a Man"
Watercolor on Italia 140# paper

     This is Day 3 of the Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge.  I didn't have a lot of time and didn't have much of an urge to paint due to three other projects in different stages.  So, I began flipping through a magazine remembering the fun that I had in a dental office in Cozumel...painting the time away.  So, like in Cozumel, I chose a photo of a person that got my attention.  This time I chose a man.  I grabbed my watercolor block that I had previously thrown some color on and began to draw.  The painting was fun, using the same colors as I had used on the wash.  This time I chose Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors, and boy do the colors pop!  This photo does not do it justice.  The colors are so deep and rich.  As I was painting, I began to think of the fact that I was doing a portrait of "just a man".  It reminded me of "just the Man" that died for me.  The One that Redeemed me from the pit.  The One that gave me real life for now and eternity. His name is Jesus.   He was "just a man" to many and still is.  But to me, He is far more than "just a man".  I'm sure that if we all listen, God speaks to us in our own language.  For me, art is the language that he uses so many times.  I pray that you can hear His voice today, in the language that you understand.  Amen.

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