Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lay It Down

"Lay It Down"
Acrylic on Canvas
     This is my final painting of the 30 in 30 challenge.  What an experience this has been!  I have loved every minute of it, experimenting and just being free to experiment.  I painted most of this piece during worship at Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Sweetwater, TX.  It's large and hard to complete in just a few songs.  I knew days in advance what I was supposed to paint.  However, I had no idea how to make it happen.  The Lord gave me the vision for this, but how to do it is another story, especially in a worship setting where I didn't have all my tools and colors.  All week, I kept thinking about the message that came with the vision; laying down things in order to usher in the Glory.  Wow.  I consciously laid some things down myself.  Then, after I'd painted this, I went in and picked up the guide for our weekly life group.  Low and behold, the key question was "what do you need to lay down in order to live more heavenward?"  I was so thrilled.  It always does a body good to have a confirmation that you are hearing the Lord.  

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