Drawing in His Presence

Drawing in His Presence

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Monday, January 21, 2013


22x30 Acrylic on Canvas

     I painted this during worship at Emmanuel Fellowship Church Yesterday.  It was one of those scattered feeling days, with several hats to wear, and no time to "get quiet".  I've learned to begin to trust the Lord, and just worship Him, and ask what to do next.  It's really freeing, not to have to perform or have a distinct image to have as an end product.  It's really an act of worship to just trust him.  It was interesting because one man came to me, and pointed out that it looked like sperm, and to him, it rang right in sync with with word of knowledge, which was life and joy.  I left it at that, and received from the Lord, life and joy even for myself.  I needed some of that!  At the end of the service, a woman approached me and wanted to buy it.  She said there was just something about it, that kept drawing her to it.  I really didn't think it was finished, but I've learned that when someone wants to buy it, sell it.  They don't want to buy your finished work.  Praise God!

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